Our mission is to simplify the process of acquiring, sharing and selling clean energy for every home. 


Hello, it’s Knowlly

Knowlly makes solar simple and easy, saving you time, stress and money. It’s a smart solar engine, providing personalised advice and information on the best solar matches for you. Knowlly enables you to connect with the right solar suppliers straight from the app and supports you with the right information and tools at the right time.

Our focus is to make sure solar work for you by simplifying the journey and putting people first.

We’re on a mission to ensure you waste no more time shopping around, researching suppliers or (re)sellers, losing track of information and documents, spending more than you should, or buying the wrong thing. We offer the right connections and the right information, when you need it. It’s that simple.


Why we do what we do

The effects of climate change are real and have a massive impact on our planet, mostly caused by our energy usage. We're looking for cleaner, more efficient and in the long run cheaper ways to provide in our ever increasing need for energy. Going solar is now a very attractive alternative to provide in that need. It’s not just a greeny thing to do, but an affordable and sustainable option to go with. Because of improved technology and ultimate low prices it is definitely a no brainer. The demand is high, yet buying, installing and sharing solar is still as inefficient, confusing and time consuming as ever. That’s why Knowlly exists. That’s why we get up every day. To help make this process a little easier, as it should.

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Meet Andrèz, the Founder of Knowlly

For more than a decade I have been working in service oriented industries like telecoms, banks, aviation, and government. This gave me all the tools and skills I need to understand how to improve the customer experience design in industries that are super tech-heavy and offer things that people can not see or feel.

The idea for Knowlly came about a lifetime of dinner table conversations at my home where I recognised the resemblance between the telecom industry and the solar industry: both started with rapid growth, both super tech heavy, both with a short term focus on the user lifecycle and both pretty broken when it comes to offering a simple and easy experience for the customer.


Andrèz has worked for big companies like Vodafone (the Netherlands and Australia), ABN Amro bank, Heineken inc ( Bralima), Qantas, NAB labs, Amsterdam Council, Transport NSW and the UN. With over a decade of experience in customer design, innovation and strategy and with work experience gained in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Australasia, Andrèz is the right person for the job making the people element the primary focus to provide an easy and simplified solar journey for every home.